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Are Candles Bad for Pet Mice, What About Non Scented?


Everyone loves candles. They make your home smell great and look inviting. But are they safe to have around pet mice? In this article, we’ll explain the difference between scented and unscented candles and their effects on the mouse respiratory system.


Scented Candles and How They Affect Your Pet Mouse

When talking about candles and pets, the first thing you need to consider is the scent.

Scented candles can be a great way to make your home smell nice, but they can also be dangerous for your pet mouse.

The strong smells from scented candles can cause respiratory infections in mice that could eventually lead to suffering or death.

The mouse respiratory system is very delicate and can’t handle the strong smells from scented candles.

If you’ve ever noticed your mousy sneezing or sniffling when you were wearing too much perfume, or if you put perfume on in the same room as the mouse was in, then you know how strong scents can affect them.

The same goes for any type of scent enhancers, such as oil wicks, sprays, or even diffusers.

All of these can be harmful to your mouse if the scent is too strong.

The good news is, You can still use scented candles and other scented enhancers in your house, You just shouldn’t use them around your pet mouse. His room should remain as scent-free as possible.

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Unscented Candles and How They Affect Your Pet Mouse

Now that we’ve talked about scented candles, let’s move on to unscented candles.

Unscented candles don’t really put off any smells, so they’re much safer to use around your pet mouse.

However, The smoke from a candle can also pose a problem.

When a candle is functioning properly, it should burn clean with almost no smoke.

However, if a candle is not burning properly, it can produce a lot of smoke.

This smoke can be harmful to your pet mouse and cause respiratory problems even worse than scents can.

This is especially true when a candle gets blown out. A lot of smoke bellows up from the wick and can quickly fill a room.

This is why it’s important to keep an eye on your candles and make sure they’re not producing too much smoke.

So while a normal candle may be more or less safer than scented candles to be around your mouse, keep these things in mind, and take it out of the room to put it out.


Other dangers of candles

The other danger of candles is the flame itself. If a pet mouse were to get too close to the flame, it could easily knock the candle over and start a fire, Or burn itself on the fire or hot melted wax.

Even with your mouse fully secure in its cage, there’s always a chance it could find a way out.

While it’s probably unlikely any of this will happen, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

So, if you’re going to have candles in your home, make sure they’re unscented and placed in a safe area where your mouse can’t reach them.

And it’s probably best just to keep any candles at all out of your mouse’s room. He won’t appreciate them as we would anyway!

To recap: Keep scented candles away from your mouse as they can cause respiratory issues. None scented candles can also be dangerous from smoke and fire. It’s best not to keep any candles near your pet nice at all.