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Can Finches Eat Parakeet Food?


Can finches eat parakeet food? This can be a tricky question to answer, but it can also be easily answered at the same time! The simplest answer is that yes, they can. They can eat the same type of food as a parakeet can and do not have any special needs when it comes to nutrients in their diet.

Can finches eat parakeet food?

Yes, they absolutely can. Seed is Seed and most parakeet and finch seed foods use the same seeds.

The only real difference is going to come down to the brand and if they use any additives like calcium and vitamin powders.

Other than that, they both use mises of sesame, grass, sunflower, hemp, and millet seeds. These are the staple diet for both of these birds.

So if you ever find yourself out of finch food, or vice versa, and maybe the store is out of the variety you need, go ahead and use the other. It’s perfectly fine.

Variety counts

Now that you know both seeds are effectively the same, You should stick to their normal diet aside from the stand-in seed. Both birds need a variety of different foods so that they can get the proper nutrients they need.

Make sure to keep it balanced with what’s normal for them, or else you can end up depriving your bird of vital minerals and vitamins.

Seeds should be given in moderation, they should not be the main portion of a bird’s diet.

While they definitely have value and contain protein, vitamins, and minerals, finches and other birds should be mainly fed a commercial pellet specifically designed for their health, and supplemented with seed, fresh veggies and fruits, and sometimes nuts.

Don’t overdo the nuts. The biggest concern is too many nuts for either finches or parakeets because they can’t process it as well and can develop fatty liver disease.

Your bird should be fed on a diet of bird pellets, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

You can also sprout seeds for your birds to eat.

This increases the nutritional level of the seed and makes it even better for them. Sprouting them is simple, and you can use a paper towel or toss them in a jar of water. You should try sprouting rapeseed and various millets.

In Conclusion: can finches eat parakeet food? Yes, it can. However, make sure to keep it balanced and healthy for your bird’s needs.

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