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Poison Catnip? Can Rabbits Eat Catnip?


We’ve all heard the rumors that catnip can kill your rabbit, But is there any fact to these myths? Can rabbits have catnip or will it poison them as the rumors say?

So, can Rabbits Have Catnip?

In this big wide thing, we call the internet, there is a lot of bad information out there about whether rabbits can have catnip or not.

A lot of people will tell you that it’s poisonous to rabbits, but it’s actually far more complex than that. So can bunnies eat catnip? Absolutely!

Catnip is not poisonous to rabbits in any way, shape, or form. In fact, it’s actually a perfectly safe herb for them to consume.

However, You should only ever feed your rabbit freshly picked catnip. Dry catnip can pose a choking hazard or damage the inside of a rabbit’s soft mouth skin.

Picking and growing the catnip yourself will also ensure that it’s free from any harmful chemicals or pesticides as well.

If you want to give your rabbit some catnip, just tear off a small piece of the leaves and offer it to them. If they don’t seem interested, that’s perfectly normal.

In fact, that’s how the rumor got started in the first place. Many rabbits have a strong negative reaction to the smell of catnip, which keeps them away.

This was nature’s intention in the first place, and the plant developed its unique odor to keep herb grazers away!

So when people see their bunnies avoid catnip, it’s only natural that one would assume it’s poison, but that’s simply not true! Speaking off an intense hatred for the smell of catnip…

Do rabbits like catnip

Are rabbits attracted to catnip? Every rabbit has a unique personality and set of likes and dislikes. It’s also heavily based on the breed of rabbits and their ancestral access to catnip.

For example, dwarf rabbits are much more likely to be attracted to catnip than other breeds. In general, though, most rabbits do not enjoy the smell of catnip.

A few rabbits may enjoy the taste or smell of catnip, but this is fairly rare outside of a few breeds or the occasional peculiar furry friend.

If your rabbit does enjoy it, then feel free to give them a small piece as a treat every now and then! It won’t hurt at all, and it’s fun to grow too!

Is catnip safe for rabbits, and can they get addicted?

A lot of people worry about their rabbits getting addicted to catnip due to the effects it causes on cats and rabbits.

The answer is no, catnip isn’t addictive at all and is perfectly safe for rabbits to have.

Some people believe that since catnip makes cats go crazy, it will do the same thing to rabbits.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Catnip actually has the opposite effect on rabbits. It relaxes them and can even make them sleepy!

As for the safety aspect, It’s completely harmless (and even beneficial) as long as it’s fresh.

You still need to worry about all the other things you normally would when you feed them anything fresh, such as washing produce well to remove pesticides.

Dried catnip should always be avoided for rabbits.

Can rabbits have catnip toys?

There are a few problems with toys. Most of them are built for cats specifically, so the plastic is often brittle and easily broken by your rabbit’s big teeth.

This can pose a choking hazard, and also lead to cuts, infections, and impactions if your rabbit swallows any pieces of the toy.

The other big problem with catnip toys is that they’ve often filled with low-quality, dry or old catnip. This can actually be harmful to your rabbit if ingested.

So while there are some risks, there are also a few benefits to giving your rabbits catnip toys.

It should be said that just because you shouldn’t doesn’t mean you can’t.

The best type of toy is one that is made specifically for rabbits with high-quality, fresh catnip. The second best is cat toys that are soft. These are much safer and will be loved by your rabbit!

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And that’s all there is to it. No more, no less. Most rabbits don’t like catnip, some do. It’s not poisonous and can even be beneficial as long as it’s fresh and washed and not dried.