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Can You Give a Hamster a Bath? Is it Safe?


No, you should not give a hamster a bath. If you try, they will most likely die. So please, for the sake of all the hamsters out there, do not attempt to bathe them. However, if you insist, read on, and learn the proper way to do it, possible issues that could arise if you do.


Why you shouldn’t give a hamster a bath

 Hamsters are clean animals, and they groom themselves like cats do. Giving your hamster a bath will strip the natural oils from their fur, leaving them vulnerable to getting cold or getting sick. It is best to just let them groom themselves.

The consequences of giving a hamster a bath

Giving a hamster a bath is not recommended as it can cause several consequences. Hamsters are clean animals, and they groom themselves. They will also avoid getting wet if possible. When you give a hamster a bath, it can cause stress which can lead to health problems. 

This includes respiratory problems and GI stasis which is when the hamster’s gut slows down and stops working. This can be fatal. Bathing a hamster can also lead to hypothermia as their fur will not dry quickly enough, and they will get cold.


How to properly clean a hamster

Hamsters are relatively self-sufficient when it comes to grooming, but there are times when they may need a little help from you. If your hamster becomes overly dirty or starts to develop skin problems, you may need to give them a bath. Below is some information on how to properly clean your hamster.

Bathing your hamster is not a difficult task, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, use only warm water (not hot!) and avoid getting water in their ears or nose. You can use a small cup or bowl to pour the water over them NEVER PLACE THEM IN IT.

If you choose to use soap, make sure it is gentle and unscented. Avoid using human shampoo as this can be too harsh for their skin. You can also purchase special hamster shampoo from most pet stores or kitten shampoo. Lather your hamster up, and then rinse them off well with warm water.

Once you have finished bathing your hamster, be sure to dry them off completely with a soft towel. You will also want to put them in a warm, dry place until they are fully dry (which usually takes about an hour). Avoid using any kind of hair dryer as this can be too much for them and may even cause them to get sick.

How often to give a hamster a bath

While hamsters do a pretty good job of grooming themselves, they could use a little help from you every once in a while. According to the Michigan Humane Society, you should give your hamster a bath only when necessary, such as when he gets dirty or smells bad. Overbathing can dry out his skin and whiskers and may even cause him to develop a cold.

Again, it isn’t good for them only do it as a last resort.


What to do if your hamster gets wet

If your hamster gets wet, there are a few things you need to do to make sure they are safe and comfortable. First, remove bedding that is soaked through. 

Then, gently blot your hamster dry using a clean, soft towel. Be very careful not to rub their fur, as this can damage the delicate hairs. Once they are mostly dry, you can place them in a warm (not hot), dry area to finish drying off and warm up.