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How to Stop Your Ferret From Digging Where It Shouldn’t


Ferrets are curious little creatures that love to explore their surroundings. And while this trait is often entertaining for their human companions, it can also lead to trouble if the ferret starts digging in places it shouldn’t. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to stop your ferret from digging where it shouldn’t.


Choosing where your ferret is allowed to be

The first step in preventing your ferret from digging in places it shouldn’t is to choose where you want your ferret to be and provide an appropriate area for it to stay.

If you rather let your ferret roam around the house on his own as many ferret owners do, you’ll need to take some extra steps to make sure he doesn’t start digging in places he shouldn’t.

Simple tools like duct tape come in really handy in stopping your ferret from ripping up and digging into baseboard or carpeting.

Just put a strip or two of duct tape over the area you don’t want him to access and he’ll quickly learn that this is an off-limits zone.

The tape will prevent him from lifting up the carpet or baseboard and getting underneath it where he can start digging.

If you have a room that you don’t want your ferret to be in, such as the kitchen or bathroom, you can use a baby gate to block off the entrance.

Make sure the gate is tall enough so your ferret can’t jump over it.

Bitter sprays that are often used to discourage other animals from nibbling on walls and wires often will not work with ferrets, so there’s little point in even trying them.

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Give your ferret alternative options to get his digging fix

A dig box filled with clean sand or dirt is an excellent way to give your ferret a place to dig without him causing any damage.

You can find these boxes at pet stores or online, or just fill a box yourself. Place it in a spot that won’t be hard to clean up as the ferret may make a mess while digging.

Another option is to put a piece of carpet or Astroturf in an area where you want your ferret to stay and let him dig to his heart’s content.

Along those lines, Scratching posts either with carpeting or cardboard can also give your ferret a place to dig and scratch without causing any damage.


Try using positive reinforcement

As with most animals, positive reinforcement is often the best way to train your ferret not to do something.

Whenever you see him digging in a place he shouldn’t immediately move him to an area where it’s okay for him to dig.

He’ll quickly learn that he’s only allowed to dig in certain places.

You can also give him a treat when he digs in the appropriate spot to further reinforce the behavior.

At the end of the day, ferrets do love to dig, And it’s important we allow them to do this behavior safely and without damaging our homes.

Following the steps above will help you in keeping your ferret from becoming a destructive digger that rips up the carpet and destroys your baseboard moldings.