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Mourning Doves as Pets, the Good and the Bad


Mourning doves are a bird that is kept by many bird keepers all around the world. They make pretty good pets, they fly as fast as 40 miles per hour and can reproduce very quickly.

Some states allow mourning doves to be hunted because of how easy it is for them to multiply so quickly, such as Georgia.

One of the larger drawbacks to owning a mourning dove, however, is that they don’t do well in cages and need large aviaries. They require the freedom to stretch their wings and fly.

Unfortunately, this means that they are quite expensive to own if you intend on owning one properly.

On the other hand, mourning doves are a good pet if you don’t have a lot of time but still love birds. They are fiercely independent and require very little handling or contact.

Mostly what they require is a large warm space, food, clean water, and bird toys. (All birds like toys!). That’s not to say you should never show love to your bird, Always love your bird!

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In most cases though, these will only be barely large enough to house 2 birds (if that).

You should consider investing in a much larger aviary from a specialized store or building your own.

In fact, building your own aviary is a great idea because you’ll know it has been designed with your specific needs in mind. It’s also far cheaper to get some lumber and bird wire than it is to buy a preassembled aviary.

On the other hand, mourning doves are not for everyone.

Like any pet, they require work and care, and money. Some people find them to be high maintenance or too demanding of their time. Others may have an allergy that makes owning this bird impossible for them.

Mourning doves are also considered pests in some areas because they will eat crops or invade homes.

They also tend to be very loud, so if you live near neighbors who don’t like the noise this might not be the best bird for you.

You should also check your local city/state bylaws pertaining to the ownership of these birds. It’s legal in most states, though.

However, mourning dove keepers say these birds make great pets and have many qualities that make them great pets.

They are extremely social and love to be around people, and they fly fast so there is always something happening in your backyard. Mourning doves also multiply very quickly which means more birds for you! (For resale or more floofy pats!)

There’s not much negative about mourning dove ownership as long as the bird keeper prepares for increased upkeep and a large place for them to live.

So with all of that said;

So if even after all that you still would like to buy a pet mourning doves, lets do a quick recap:

What you will need

Mourning doves require a large space. They don’t do well in small cages and require a large aviary to be happy and healthy. The aviary should be at least 7 feet long, 4 feet wide, 6 feet high.

That’s just a general rule of thumb and the real truth is you can never have an aviary that’s too big. Build what you can afford to build.

The aviary should also have space at the top for the nest building. Doves like to be high with their nests so you will need a good number of perches to accommodate them.

A mourning dove aviary should also provide plenty of space for food and water dishes, somewhere for the doves to land when they come in from flying around as well as other amenities like a base or platform on which to place feeders.

This makes it easier to clean, and so that the birds can get to them more easily. Keep in mind food and water should be on ground level. Mourning doves are ground feeders.

A mourning dove aviary also needs a few sources of natural light such as windows or doors with screened venting at the top for ventilation, protection from predators, and temperature regulation.

You can cut down quite a bit of daily labor by automating their watering and food, However, It’s recommended to do that manually so you can spend as much time with your birds as possible.

Anyone who wants birds because they love birds won’t have an issue with manual feeding! But then again, it’s always an option that exists for you. Very good if you need to go on vacation.

Here’s a few I’ve picked out:

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Hopefully, we’ve helped you choose whether or not these lovely birds are for you, or if you should be looking at other types of birds.

I certainly hope I haven’t scared anyone away from owning mourning doves. They really are God’s beautiful and unique creatures.